My lockdown experience; A blessing in desguise

The idea of a complete Lockdown, in which I couldn’t leave the house seemed tough to perceive. Not being able to go to school, see my friends, go to the mall, or park appeared to be an impossible practice, especially for more than 3 months. At first, I was overwhelmed by the unforeseen changes and observing the number of Covid-19 cases was unquestionably worsening the situation, until I thought thoroughly and my perspective suddenly changed.

Hearing the unexpected announcement for the lockdown caused thoughts and wonders to overflow my head. I was, of course, glad that we were getting a “holiday”, but terrified that the reason behind it would be the uncontrollable cases of the Coronavirus. I started thinking of the terrible consequences that could take place if the virus cases went out of hand, and that was indeed causing me to become uptight and anxious. Additionally, I was concerned that there were no more entertainment activities since I’m stuck at home. I basically thought that boredom and stress will be the end of me.

I soon realized that being worried all the time is not the answer, I should instead focus on the positive aspect. So, although the lockdown seemed rather tedious, I, being optimistic, looked at the bright side and found it the perfect opportunity to improve my lifestyle, and own self. I began performing a variety of healthy and productive activities: having healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, going for walks from time-to-time, and most importantly, I got closer to Allah the almighty, learnt more about my religion, revised surah’s that I was beginning to forget, and began performing the 5 prayers more willingly. Moreover, I gathered new information, improved my knowledge about various topics, and quit my bad habits, like, staying dehydrated.

As a result of the lockdown, I had much time for studying. It allowed me to read and understand the textbooks thoroughly, enhance my knowledge by watching videos and visiting websites, solving lots of past papers for practice, and repeating this process frequently. Because of that, I was able to study adequately and to answer my examinations without encountering any difficulties. Furthermore, I felt optimistic and productive, and as a result, I developed into a better version of myself. I became happier, healthier, and more open-minded and self-aware.



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